Registered: IMO 6418780 /(GBR)ON 305760)
Size...98 GRT, 0 NRT, L24,45m, B7,34m, D3,30m (76.1'x23.0'x8.3' or 83'9"(75'0")x24'1"(23'0"x(10'10"))
Power...2 fpp, 2x 4t 6cyl diesel Lister-Blackstone type EVS6M, 920bhp-677kW, sp 9,5kn, bp 13t

1964 -23/07: Launched by "Humber St. Andrews Engineering Co Ltd" at Hull (GBR) (YN 5)
1964 -30/09: delivered to "UTC - United Towing Co Ltd" at Hull (GBR)
(GBR flag, regd Hull, ON 305760, c/s MHTZ)
1970 -21/01: restyled to "United Towing Ltd" at Hull (GBR).
1978 -17/03: restyled to "North British Maritime Group Ltd" at Hull (GBR)
1978 -01/04: transferred to "Humber Tugs Ltd" at Grimsby (GBR)
1983 -24/04: To Bridget & Roger Klyne at Lowestoft (GBR), renamed ANGLIAN
(GBR flag, regd Lowestoft, ON 305760)
1986 -08/04: transferred to "Klyne Marine Services Ltd" at Lowestoft (GBR)
(GBR flag, regd Lowestoft)
1988: restyled to "Klyne Tugs (Lowestoft) Ltd"
1988 -08\/08: To Guy Brindley ("Imperial Tugs") at Sheerness (GBR)
1989 -25/07: To "Imperial Tugs Ltd" at Eye, Suffolk (GBR) (intended to be renamed IMPELLANT)
1992 -13/01: To "Masterman Iron & Steel Shipbreakers" at Bloor's Wharf, Rainham, Kent (GBR)
1994 -xx/05: To "Deans Tugs & Workboats Ltd" (J. Dean) at Hull (GBR)
2007: To Dave Potter at Lowestoft (GBR)
2008: To unknown buyer
2012 -22/08: spotted laid up at Lowestoft (GBR),
most of her fittings appear to have been removed

Picture P.Gowen 26June 2019..

UPDATE 24/06/2019... The Tug Aglian is up for sale for 35.000 cash only.
CONTACT... Billy... 07885585667.... He has given up on it now.

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